Reviewing June’s Goals

A few weeks ago, I set some goals for things I wanted to accomplish by the end of June. Here’s an update on how things went. 

Nutrition Goal: Eat at least 1 serving of fruits/veggies per day. I feel like this went pretty well – mostly because I made it really doable. I know the recommendations say you need 2-3 servings of fruits & veggies per day but I rarely eat breakfast so one serving per day for me was better than what I’d been doing. My mom has a garden and has been loading us up with fresh cucumbers, squash and green beans so I’ve been enjoying fulfilling this goal! 

Fitness Goal: Go on a walk at least 3 times per week. This one didn’t go quite so well. I probably went on a walk at least once a week but I’d like to set a consistent “walking” schedule so we can stick with it. It’s just so dang hot right now! But it’s something I’ll keep working at. 

Personal Goal: Do something fun as a family at least once a week. My idea of “fun” might not be the same as other people’s, but I think we’ve already been doing this and I never even realized it. We try to enjoy family movie nights, weekend trips to the flea market, car shows, and cookouts with the grandparents as often as possible. It was no problem seeing this goal through! 


On top of continuing these goals, I’d like to add in some new ones for the month of July. So, here they are!

Nutrition Goal: Eat one meatless meal per week. I’ve heard other people have started doing this and I think it’s a great idea! Meat is expensive, so it saves money and also has the potential to be really nutritious! Now if I can get my “meat and potatoes” loving husband on board, we’ll be all set! 

Fitness Goal: Do 30 sit-ups twice a day, every day. Not gonna lie – body after baby is sorta depressing. Especially since my body pre-pregnancy was the best shape I’ve been in since high school! It’s been hard to love the way I look in my new skin and I’m always up for trying out different ways to get back in shape. Hopefully I can work up some abs with this new goal 🙂 

Personal Goal: Hang out with friends at least once a month. I’m kind of a homebody (especially after having a new baby) so this has been a struggle for me lately. I always enjoy the time I get to spend out with friends and I know I need to do it more often. I think once a month is easy to achieve and will give me an excuse to get out of the house regularly! 


I really am finding that goal-setting makes it much easier to achieve things that I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to doing. I’m going to keep it going and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have done most of what I hoped to do!


I’d love to hear your goals – what is it that you’ve been wanting to accomplish lately? 


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