Setting Goals

I don’t consider myself to necessarily be “goal-oriented,” but lately I’ve discovered that if I don’t list specific goals stating what I hope to get done, I end up trying to do everything at once, which ends up with me only getting halfway done with what I wanted to accomplish. I feel like this sums it up pretty well:



But I’m thinking I should have goals for other areas of my life as well, not just housework. So, I’ve decided to start with 3 areas that I want to improve in and I’m going to set 1 goal per month in each area. So, here are my goals for (the remainder of) June:

Nutrition Goal: Eat at least 1 serving of fruits/veggies per day (And fries do not count as a veggie)

Fitness Goal: Go on a walk at least 3 times per week. I usually try to get in a run a few times a week too but South Carolina in June is just way too hot to even attempt that. Maybe I’ll warm up the ole treadmill when I feel the urge to have a run. 

Personal Goal: Do something fun as a family at least once a week. Now that we have our little one, I feel like it’s important to start making memories, because even if she’s too young to remember it, I know we’ll never forget these times spent together.


So there it is. My June goals. I’m going to write them down and post them somewhere where I can see them every day. That way, I’ll remember to work at it and hopefully this will go well. I’ll post an update at the end of the month to recap how things went!  


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